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Uzbekistan GIDROMET


gidromet_logo The Main Administration on Hydrometeorology at the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan (Glavgidromet) is the state body with the status of ministry. Glavgidromet is responsible for the inter-departmental management of all types of hydrometeorological servicing and observations, including the environment pollution monitoring over the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan and is responsible for state of art and development of the relevant activities.

Productional activities

The Main Administration on HydrometeorologyThe productional activities of the hydrometeorological service of Uzbekistan in the field of hydrometeorological servicing of the national economy of the republic had begun in 20-s of the last century. From the very beginning of the hydrometeorological service activities such famous scientists, talented organisers of the production and scientific developments as L.Davydov, E.Oldekop, I. Kramalei, N.Minaev, M.Ivanov, I.Gringofmade a great contribution to its development. For about 30 years N.Aksarin headed the Hydrometeorological Administration of the Republic of Uzbekistan. At present V.E.Chub, the Candidate of Geography, is the Director of Glavgidromet of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The main tasks of Glavgidromet are to carró out and improve the regular hydrometeorological observations on the environment monitoring in different eco-systems; to develop the techniques and technical means for the receiving, collection and dissemination of hydrometeorological and ecological information; keeping the state water resources inventory and the state fund of data on the environment conditions and its use.

In all times the weather forecasting is the priority area of the hydrometeorological service activities. Without the approval and forecasting of the hydrometeorological agency none of the big economical projects or civil works can be implemented. In 1983 the Hydrometeorological Centre was established at the Administration of Hydrometeorology and Environment Pollution Monitoring for the more operational servicing of the national economy with the different types of the forecasts. This Centre is responsible for the issue of warnings on the severe and extremally severe weather phenomena (sudden weather changes, heavy precipitation, floods, mudflows); weather forecasting for 1-5 days on the territory of Uzbekistan; phenological forecasts; forecasting of the yield capacity of the agricultural crops; conditions of the winter crops at the beginning of the spring vegetation; flow forecasting for the different time periods (daily, decade, monthly, periodical); forecasting of the ice phenomena development on Amudarja river; information about the precipitation accumulation in Syrdarja and Amudarja river basins; and also the special forecasts for the power sector, transport, municipal economy, public health, mountain tourism. The ground observational system provides for the forecasting of avalanches and outbreak of the impending lakes, etc.

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