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Consolidation Phase

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Regional Center of Hydrology

The experiences of the former projects show that a strong long-term cooperation of the independent hydrometeorological surveys in providing regional hydrometeorological base-line information is a must. The experiences of international hydrological river basins commissions, e.g. of the International Commission for Hydrology of the Rhine Basin prove the great benefit of regional cooperation of national surveys and are thus used as input for the implementation of Regional Center of Hydrology in Central Asia (RCH). The five countries consequently decided to set up an RCH, with the main goals: Operation of an information and communication system, capacity building, training and co-ordination. The RCH is anticipated for a period of at least 10 years and is supported by Switzerland and is supported by Switzerland (financed by SDC).

The main activities of the first three years period 2001-2004 are:

  1. Establishment and operation of the center;
  2. Establishment and operation of a regional information and communication system;
  3. Extension of runoff forecast to additional basins and operation of the regional forecast center;
  4. Training of staff of the five hydrometeorological surveys in flow forecasting, monitoring, processing and dissemination of data,
  5. Operation, improvement, maintenance and modification of monitoring stations as well as data processing and dissemination.
Tasks of the Regional Centre of Hydrology

Provision of hydrological baseline information for regional projects
Monitoring Techniques Monitoring Stations Data Processing
- discharge - planning - processing
- water quality - construction - dissemination
  - operation  
  - maintenance  

Provision of basin-relevant information
Geographic Information Hydrological Models Database
- snow cover - SRM - hydrological data
- land use - others - meteorological data
- terrain models    
GIS Flow forecasting DBMS

One action of the RCH must be the integration of the 25 transboundary stations funded by the World Bank. The set up of these transboundary stations, enabling the countries to get reliable hydrological data at the border areas, is also a part of the integrated hydrological network of the Aral Sea basin. The RCH should support the countries in the operation of these stations and in information exchange as well as with regional training of national staff.

In such a way it is intended to get harmonized, reliable data and water information for the Aral Sea region.

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